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Hello all,


These are just a few dot points of things that I would like to see incorporated into CCleaner in the future (not forgetting that this is the best FREE program I can find on the Internet). Most (if not all) of these have been taken from Privacy Eraser Pro, which I was using until I couldn't be bothered tracking down the cracks for it and trying to get it to work.


1. Multiple profile/account cleaning: I have seen this suggested quite a few times and I personally think that it would be an excellent and worthwhile addition.


2. Clean & Shutdown/Clean & Reboot: Now this was one of my favourite features on PEP, because after it was set up, it involved 2 mouse clicks and then it would clean and either reboot or shutdown the computer. This was good because it saved me cleaning out the profiles for the other user I have on my computer and (if need be) I could teach it to a monkey.


3. SWAP file cleaning: This was also somewhat handy in PEP, and would like to see it in CCleaner. Nice security feature!


4. Stay free! For the love of God keep CCleaner a free program! I do not know what I would do if this changed!


5. Keep up the EXCELLENT work! As I mentioned earlier, this is the best free program I can find on the Internet, and I will more than likely use this program until I can find a reason not to use a computer!


Anyway, those are my suggestions, feel free to snub them, or tell me I am an idiot, but personally I think those things I suggested above would make the program a little better than it is (even though that is hard to do since it is so great anyway!)


Thank you and keep up the good work,



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