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CCleaner Slow


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I use CCleaner in 2 computers (desktop and notebook).


It became terribly slow in desktop. Any hints? Thanks.


Celeron 2.4, 512MB, HD 80GB, Windows XP SP2.






I use CC on 4 different computers. An XP box, win2000 and 2 winME boxes.

I try to run it after every online session and just after all reboots. When I do not

run it everyday it slows up like any cleaning program. The more it has to clean the

slower. Try running it after a session and always after a reboot. If the speed picks up

your OK. If not run all the spyware programs you have ie: Spybot, Ad-Ware SE w/all free plug-ins. If you are clean uninstall it and reinstall it.

Hope this helps you Later Bill B)

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