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GeForce FX 5500

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Pains getting the video card to work with games.

The games try to load then unload..

Installed correctly in the PCI slot , current drivers are installed and DirectX 9.0 installed. <_<

I disabled the onboard drivers also.


I went thru the procedure to install several x's and I am getting nowhere.I am calling Tech support Monday.

Any suggestions will be entertained. :rolleyes:



Well, problem might be my system can only handle 145 watts and the card needs more. I will know more after conversation w/ Tech today....

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You may have hit on the problem. GeForce 5500 card should be pulling around 42watts. Add that to 60-100watts for your CPU, 20-30watts for your Optical drive, 25watts for hard drive, and 10watts for each stick of memory. That can leave you a little sort.

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