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Crash after before/after defragging


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1. Do a defrag.


2. Wait for completion (df is stable during defrag) or cancel the defrag


3. Move mouse pointer up to graphical display area


4. Crash




1. Do defrag.


2. Complete or cancel/stop.


3. Move mouse pointer around graphical display area.


4. Select a defrag option (possibly any option).


5. Crash (without hitting the graphical area)



I'm running win2ksp4, ntfs drives


Secondary problem... the defrag free space gets to 57% and slows way down... I haven't had the patience to get it above 62% yet. I plan on trying...


I have to restart the program after every attempt at a defrag, whether complete or not.


So, hope to see a new version soon, i like it. What does each block represent in disk area? Why not more blocks?

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