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Scams Target You


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Scams Target You - Protect Yourself


It?s Fraud Awareness Week here until the 9th of March, so plenty is going on in regards to helping people educate themselves, and report scams to protect others.


ScamWatch New Zealand has provided some useful examples of people being scammed which is always worth reading.


If you aren?t much of a reader, here?s the short version.


There are no guaranteed get-rich-quick schemes ? the only people who get rich are the scammers.


o DON?T respond to offers, deals or requests for your details. Stop. Take time to independently check the offer.

o NEVER send money or give credit card, account or other personal details to anyone who makes unsolicited offers or requests for information.

o DON?T rely on glowing testimonials: find solid evidence from independent sources (not those provided with the offer).

o NEVER respond to out of the blue requests for your personal details.

o ALWAYS type in the address of a website of a bank, business or authority in which you are interested - it?s safer.

o NEVER click on a link provided in an unsolicited email as it will probably lead to a fake website designed to trap you.

o NEVER use phone numbers provided with unsolicited requests or offers as they probably connect you to fakes who will try to trap you with lies.

o ALWAYS look up phone numbers in an independent directory when you wish to check if a request or offer is genuine.


"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." - Albert Einstein

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