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clean Page file and Old restore points

ravi kumar

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First of all,

greeting from my side for including "wipe free disk space" in Ccleaner v2.17.


and I wish it to be more and more useful each and every day.


for this I have few suggestion.


1. Please include "clean Page file on shut down" of computer. it is actully a "run once" type regstry entry which cleans the Page file when computer shuts down.


2. There is lost of space occupied by SYSTEM RESTORE POINT those can be clean by leaving ONLY MOST RECENT RESOTER POINT. note that WINDOWS already provides this feature in "DISK CLEANUP" tool.

but I love CCLEANER to do this task.


3. Please move "wipe free disk space" to "TOOLS" section and provide as a tool with all settings and cleaning commands etc. at same place. ALso including the disk name which is being clean currently(presently not shows)

and include a option "Shut down after Cleaning" beacuse sometime it takes time to clean 500GB drive.



Best wishes!!!



Ravi Kumar

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Hi ravi, thanks for your suggestions. I was wondering if you are aware that there's already a "Clean\Auto Shutdown" feature available for CCleaner.


This may be incorporated into the main body of CCleaner at some time, but until then this would do the trick. I have it setup as a quicklaunch icon. One click to clean and shutdown.


Available here:


Hope that helps.

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