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Hey guys... I wanted to see here (Recuva Builds Site) the version of the published files like is in here (CCleaner Builds Site) to avoid having me to check each time if that was updated almost downloading the file... this happened today because you were late to update the file (don't worry is fine)... but this will help people to know what they are downloading without see the file name...


Thanks in advance... ;)

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I took me a bit to understand what warmth meant but once I did, I must say I agree. I've the same issue with the "other builds" link being not as noticable on recuva and defragger as it is on CCleaner's Download page. Also to go along with Warmth it probably would've stopped me from Downloading Recuva 1.23 three times yesterday from portable.


that said I love these new versions mad ups to the devs for these

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