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Spyware Blaster Update!


Spyware Blaster 4.2 is out! Download link from FileHippo: Clicky!

New in this version:


-Windows 7 support

-Internet Explorer 8 support

-K-Meleon support

-Faster, secure updating worldwide

-Automatic program version upgrade support (for AutoUpdate users)

-Numerous bug fixes, tweaks, and optimizations

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16 new Items added > 13/04/09

12299 Items in Database.


still can't access their site in FF3 ! take a look below :




any ideas ? ;)


Not sure but it's working fine on my end with the 3.1 beta.

Maybe is all those add-on's you've got, that screenshot makes me mentally scream in pain lol.

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What add-on did you think ? free-scared-smileys-179[1].gif


No idea which one but try disabling them all (not removing) and test, if it fixes it enable them one by one.

If 3.x is the reason, try uninstalling then installing a previous version and test again.


I tested my copy of FF 3.0.8 (non beta) and it still loads fine for me.



I've seen a few posts in google about trying this:


1. Try clearing your cookies and your cache

2. Type about:config into the URL bar, list of configuration settings for Firefox

3. Locate the setting for 'network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris'

4. Set the value of names of the servers to use NTLM with.

5. Locate the setting for 'network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris'

6. Set the value of names of the servers to use NTLM with.

7. network.automatic-ntlm-auth.allow-proxies = True

8. Restart Firefox - Test URL to again




seems another user had similar issues with a different site but no resolution:


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Thanks and now in my Favorites.

I keep having to learn how to spell things without a "u".


My next challenge is getting IE7Pro working as it crashes IE for me and had to use System Restore to go back to before its installation.


Good grief!

Everything is so hard to find now.


I have my APC Battery Backup working fine as I found a Vista version that works well.


Is GIMP2 better than Paint.NET?


It is one of the pre-installed applications that I am totally unfamiliar with such as CyberLink DVD Suite, Corel Snapfire, Click&Clean, LiteScribe and Nero SmartStart Essentials.


I believe Cyberlink DVD Suite is just a dvd player application. I think my school laptop came with it. Maybe the "suite" version is a lot more complicated, otherwise it's just a full screen window with "eject, resume, restart movie, etc." :lol:


To screen capture, press Print Screen, then Ctrl+ V in Paint or any other picture editing program.

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Oooooh, now that you've explained it, I get the color coding now! I'll be using this site now to check for updates instead of FileHippo (which doesn't have that much updates anyway). Thanks Corona! :)

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