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Hotmail Remember Me and Flash Cookies

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Hi, couple of questions


1 - When I go to Hotmail, I'm presented with a list of my four Windows Live IDs (email addresses) to select Login against.


Why doesn't CCleaner clean these email addresses from wherever they are stored?


p.s. How are they stored? (I tried ticking clean I.E. Autocomplete in CCleaner but that didn't fix it)



2 - If I remember correctly, used to have a .sol file in my ignore list (which was set to "always ask" etc) as I found CCleaner used to delete .sols, meaning Flash defaulted to "allow cookie" etc.


Anyway, I forgot to make a note of the file location etc, when I uninstalled and installed a later version of CCleaner. Now I can't find where .sols are stored on my Vista PC anymore. They just don't seem to exist on my system even after visiting sites that used to use flash cookies etc.


Are they still used? Where are they?


Many thanks, in advance.

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1) Through the websites "Remember my login" option, it's stored as a cookie.


Try deleting the cookies: Cleaner > Windows > Internet Explorer > Cookies


Flash Cookies: Cleaner > Applications > Multi Media > Adobe Flash Player


Through the built-in feature of the browser, it's stored encrypted in the registry.


Try clearing the boxes at login.


2) Vista:


OS(C:) > Users > (Name) > AppData > Roaming > Macromedia > FlashPlayer > Shared Objects > 9D54GCBJ


Bold file name is different on your computer.


OS(C:) > Users > (Name) > AppData > Roaming > Macromedia > FlashPlayer > Macromedia Flash > Support > FlashPlayer > Sys


When updating CCleaner to a later version, just install over the previous version to save settings.


You can also save your settings to an INI file.



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I don't believe Hotmail cookies are stored in .sol files.


They are stored in these cookies:








I'm not sure which is the main cookie but these are my live cookies I keep.

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Dear otherwayup


this is do to that when ever you click on your hot mail login for your email in your ie that has not a thing to do with cookies or anything like that if you wish to not have this that it is called Windows Live Sign-in Assistant it is a fast way of being able to long into all your email accounts but if you dont what this to come up or if you wish to not want to use it you can get ride of it by going in to you add / remove and go down and uninstall the Windows Live Sign-in Assistant and that will take that all out of your system

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