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I've skimmed through the forum and didn't find this. (might of missed it but I did look.)


I have multiple users on my computer. WinXP pro. I've installed CCleaner through the Admin account. It did install on all the user accounts.


Does CCleaner need to be run on all user accounts? Or can it scan and clean the whole computer from the Admin account?


Also when I check/scan the registry in the admin account it comes back with no probems. When I do it from a user account their are a few problems (unused file ext. uninstaller ref. issue etc..) Do I need to fix the issues from the regular user account? -- will it even let that account change things in the registry?


thanks for the info.

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Okay. I searched again with different terms and came up with with a few posts.


So If I'm understanding it correctly, you do have to login under each individual account to clean.


However, how about the registry?? I'm a little confused because under admin account it shows no problems. Under the other accounts it shows different problems. It even has registry entries dealing with the admin account.

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