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Victor Max

CCCleaner autostart and Windows Vista admin account

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I have searched this forum for an answer to my problem but with no luck. I've created in the default sbs logon script on our server the /auto option for starting cccleaner when a user logs on to his/her computer. This workes fine for almost all users, the only ones who has to acknowledge (UAC) to run cccleaner at startup are the users with admin accounts on Windows Vista computers. Admins on XP computers works fine...


Can anyone explain this behaviour to me? The /auto switch in the logon script works for all other users of the same Vista computer.



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Hello Victor Max, and welcome to Pirifom Forums.


For the users with admin accounts, you could use Vista's Task Scheduler to set up CCleaner to run at log on or startup.


The following link is how I set up Erunt to run at startup without a prompt from UAC.




Good Luck.

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