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Cleans much more than analyzed amount.


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Since using Vista I have noticed that if I include Windows Log Files in the analysis the amount cleaned is consistently about 17MB more than the analysis figure regardless of what the analysis figure is (except 0). This happens on my Acer desktop and an HP laptop. Both run Vista


When I analyze excluding Windows Log files the amount cleaned is the same as the analysis.


This does not happen with XP or Win98SE. I am using v2.16.830 of CCleaner.


Past experience is that with Windows Log Files deselected the amount cleaned equals that of the analysis.

The following is an actual example of a CClean using v2.16.830.

Windows Log files deselected. Analysis 30.9MB to be cleaned.

Run Cleaner and 30.9 MB are cleaned.

Windows Log files selected. Analysis 31.0MB to be cleaned

Run Cleaner 47MB are cleaned.



With an HP Laptop - also Vista.

Analysis including Windows log files = 4.32MB

Run Cleaner -> 20.3 MB cleaned.


In both cases nearly 17MB more was cleaned than showed in the analysis.


Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Hi yardvark, and welcome.


When I analyze and then run the Cleaner on my Vista system, it does the same thing as yours.


C:\Windows\system32\wbem\Logs\WMITracing.log 16.0MB


If your looking for a reason why this happens, I don't have an answer.


I've run the cleaner twice and see Thumbnail Cache cleaned on the second run.


As long as my systems junk files are cleaned out I'm happy. :D

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