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Running Vista Home Prem\32bit. Been running CCLeaner for over a year. After running the most recent ver...when I ran Disk Cleanup I saw 4 entries that I have NEVER seen before:


Per user Archived Windows Error Report... 65.7MB

Per User Queued Windows error Report... 828MB

System Archived Windows Error Report... 60.6KB

System Queued Windows Error report,,,, 580MB


There is a Link that explains this issue:






This is thought to be caused by some registry cleaning program that was allowed to delete or delete part of these registry entries located at:





Cleaning these listed items in Disk Cleanup without fixing this bug first will cause you to have to reinstall Vista.



So it appears CCleaner 2.16 deleted or deleted part of a registry entried that has caused this issue....and the link also reads:


The Link provides a .reg file that it says fixes the Registry problem caused by the 3rd party Cleaner. I have done nothing as yet....since the link although is right on point for this issue, is not a Microsoft Site.


Should I run this FIX? How should I correct this issue? Given I have never seen these 4 entries ever before, surely they cannot be a normal thing to see after running Disk Cleanup.


Anyone else experince this issue? Hopefully Pirform is now aware of this and will fix the problem......I certainly will not run 2.16 again......

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