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avast! update Version 4.8.1335


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Version 4.8.1335

February 5, 2009

o improvements in some unpackers (WinExec, Installer, ZIP)

o improved memory scan, especially under 64-bit operating systems

o fixed a possible deadlock condition when copying system files from some removable media

o fixed a possible problem with access rights when deleting infected files on reboot

o Web Shield: minor stability fixes

o Internet Mail: smtp.gmail.com and smtp.live.com now ignored on port 25 (as these are SSL only)

o improved healing of some infected files

o various fixes and improvements in the scanning engine

o Web Shield now scans pages compressed with the "deflate" algorithm

o performance optimization of Standard Shield under Windows Vista

o improvements in the automatic sample submission system

o improvements in the URL blocker



Right click on the avast! icon in the Taskbar then Updating then Program Update.


Reboot required.

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