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Mods: Stop removing peoples posts

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More and more it seems like peoples posts get removed and threads closed for no valid reason.



It's better to encourage the poster to get qualified help on the spyware hell part of our forum.

Define qualified. Its the same users in this forum.


Any malware removal advice by users is going to be removed. Just visit the right forum and we will fix it up for sure.

So why not move the thread instead of closing it and editing peoples posts? There may have been information I could have used.


Someone spent time composing a post. Unless it clearly violates a rule, I see no reason to remove it. There are numerous instances of what I feel is a misuse of power. This is why my participation has been decreasing.

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So when your computer is jacked up because you got some bad advice from a user... Who are you going to blame? Where are you going to flame?

There's always an exception to the rule. I'm that exception.


Desktop ----- AMD Athlon 3700+ (2.64Ghz), 2GB DDR 400, ASUS A8N-SLI Premium, 500GB HD, Windows XP Pro SP3, Avira Antivir Personal

At work ----- Intel C2D T1700 (1.6Ghz), 2GB DDR2 667, Dell OUY141, 80GB HD, Windows XP Pro SP2, Symantec 10

Laptop ----- Intel C2D P8400 (2.4 Ghz), 4GB DDR3 1066, Mainboard, 160GB HD, Dualboot: Windows 7/openSUSE 11.1, Avira Antivir Personal



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whenever dealing with something as sensitive as viral infections, its best to consult the right type of source. a vista forum iam on allows outside advice..its different here, so be it. better to be safe than sorry.

From my prespective, winvista club is a very good forum for all things windows related.
They have helped me and many others in the past. Excellent hints and advice!

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@ Disk4mat.


Even I've been asked to refrain from posting from the Spyware Forums. Basically, the mods don't want people who aren't the designated Spyware Mods to post stuff because if they take your advice (and I know it is most likely legit) and it does screw something up, they'll start to blame everyone. The Spyware mods are here to be used.


And FYI, telling mods to stop doing something that is totally under their power and discretion will usually get you banned. Or tick them off even more.



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  • Moderators

Please review #10 in the Forum Rules.


Not to piss anyone off, however this thread is closed as it could easily get out of hand, sorry.


Just so everyone knows:

The Admin and Moderation team are not your enemy never have been nor shall we ever be. Many times we converse amongst ourselves before making a decision to make sure we're doing the right thing.

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