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Win7 - Tools - Startup - Key "Startup Common"

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Don't know if this is a bug or not.


I'm running Win7. In CCleaner under Tools, other than 4 HKCU: Run items... CCleaner list about 50 "Startup Common" items. They all look like System32 programs.







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AFAIK the developers are not currently doing windows 7, as it is still in beta and is prone to being changed in the areas CCleaner Monitors.

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I totally understand. BUT Win7 is pretty stable now. Word out of Redmond is that it's near RC1. Frankly, I got it on my box and it's rock solid.


That said, perhaps I can tweak CCleaner myself. Where does it keeping the "Startup Common" list? I can't find it in the registry.



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Yes, I am using Windows 7 on my laptop, installs like a dream and have had no problems at all.

Whats quite amusing though is its not really Windows 7, its infact Windows 6.1.


Its as solid as XP, works on my 3 year old laptop beautifully.


What I get though is a little odd. When I launch CCleaner from the desktop icon, it starts minimized even though the icon is set to start normal. Start it from the Program Files menu, and it starts normally.. Very odd !! All other desktop icons work fine ..




I've attached a screen snip.


Again, I think they're System32 programs. How would CCleaner be grabbing those?






User error. I had deleted a startup folder inadvertently.


For more info see:





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