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"Empty Recycle Bin" or "Run CCleaner"?


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I like the "Run CCleaner" third-mouse button option on the recycle bin.. howewer what is the difference between using this feature and using the classic "Empty Recycle Bin" option?


Is CCleaner destroying permanently the content of the recycle bin (similar to a file shredder software) or is it just emptying its content (allowing therefore a later recovery of the deleted files with a data recovery software)


It would be nice if it shredded the recycle bin content and destroyed it permanently...


Anyway that's a great piece of software, which is rarely the case for freeware!

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Everything CCleaner removes is just deleted the normal way i.e. no secure deletion. Loads of people have requested this feature and hopefully MrG will implement it in a future release. Running CCleaner from "Run CCleaner" in the recycling bin context menu will cleaner everything that you have previously selected to be cleaned within CCleaner.

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