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Pandora > Recuva > RecoverMyFiles

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Searching for a good file recovery software I've tried many top ten listings, editor's picks and etc.. After many disappointments the most rated (according to the sites I've visited) "RecoverMyFiles" does indeed did a good job in recovery...


But after trying Recuva, RecoverMyFiles seemed somewhat bloated and pricey since Recuva does a better job and it's free many thanks to Piriform...


Yet another try; "Pandora Recovery" has beaten both 'Recuva > RecoverMyFiles' with great significance. I now have both Pandora and Recuva installed on my system (uninstalled other) for "if one fail to recover other may be" approach...


I might say quite surprisingly not so good rated (below Recuva) Pandora does a freaking good recovery where in cases Recuva simply refuses to display 'seconds ago deleted' files because it believes they're overwritten and 0 bytes in size. With cases like these Pandora also reports 0 bytes in size (which may to be proven false) yet gives you an option to recover the files anyway unlike Recuva does...


For a test; I've backed up some video files and deleted them. Afterwards I've added/deleted smaller files to induce overwrite over deleted videos. Luckily I'd got the situation I've explained above. Pandora somewhat recovered those videos even if both software claim they're overwritten by new smaller files and 0 in bytes. After checking the files against hashes of backed up copies, ~70% of these files are recovered successfully as is with the same hash. Also the hash fail ~30% was still playable (videos)...


As a result; after seeing Pandora recovering most of the files where Recuva even denied to show for recovery, I must sadly say Recuva has a hopefully not so long way to go before claiming to be one of the best recovery software. Being a fanatic of Defraggler and an appreciative user of CCleaner, I have to admit I'm a little disappointed with the current version of the Recuva. I strongly believe the author(s) should definitely try out competitive software (like Pandora) against deletion recovery tests versus Recuva to pinpoint what's there to be improved...


Also for recovery users I strongly suggest to do your own research and recovery tests (Recuva or Pandora might not work for you at all) before just relying on industrial reviews which may prove to be wrong...


Bye ;-)...

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