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French translation mistake

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In the French version of CCleaner, under Settings >> Advanced (Options >> Avanc? in French), "Only delete files in Windows temp older than 48 hours" is translated "Effacer uniquement les fichiers, du dossier temp de Windows, plus vieux" This means "Only erase the Windows temp files because they are older"...


It should be "Effacer uniquement les fichiers du dossier Temp de Windows vieux de 48h ou plus" (or maybe "ou +" if there isn't enough space :unsure: ).


Thanks ;)



[EDIT] See last post for updated translation

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Another translation mistake (and I'm probably blind, I didn't see it when I posted the topic) :


In Options >> Advanced, "Save all settings to a INI file" is translated "Enregistrer toutes les propri?t?s du fichier INI"

That means "Save all the properties of the INI file"


The correct translation is "Sauver tout les param?tres dans un fichier INI". ;)

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Other mistakes...I checked all, this time...I know, it's a triple-post, but if I simply edit, no one will see it.


Under Options >> Settings, "Normal file deletion" is translated "Effacement normale du fichier"


Correct translation is "Effacement normal des fichiers" (without e at the end of "normal")


Same thing for the Secure file deletion, it is "des fichiers" and not "du fichier" (except if there's only one file, but that never happens)


And in the same location, for the two "add something to recycle bin context menu", the Recycle Bin is not "poubelle" but "corbeille" (it means the same thing, but Windows says "corbeille")


And under Options >> Exclude, "Add registry" is not "Ajouter au registre" (this means "add [something] to registry") but "Ajouter une cl? du registre".


And in the Registry Cleaning section, there is a "s" at the end of "Installateur" (because there is more than one "installateur") and a "s" at the end of "Invalide" in "ActiveX et Class Invalide"

And when you clean some registry entries, a "s" is missing in "fait" (because there are more than one "changement", so it is "changements", and "faits")


And it is "Toutes les erreurs de ce type" and not "Tous les types".


And in the Cleaner section, under Windows tab, in "Windows Explorer", it is "Ex?cuter (dans le Menu D?marrer" and not "D?marrer (dans le menu d?marrer)". (because in a French Windows, Run is translated Ex?cuter and not D?marrer)


And "Other Explorer MRUs" should be "Autres listes de fichiers r?cents" (cause MRU = Most Recently Used = R?cemment utilis?s in French.)...


Etc etc etc etc.



[EDIT] I modified the lang-1036 file...Now all is correct....(except the MUI Cache, I have no idea about what this is)...


Here it is :


[EDIT 2]Sorry, there were two spelling mistakes ("M?moire rampon"...xD and "Pr?vevir des erreurs")


[EDIT 3] See post below.

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Updated translation..


Added :

-Wipe Free Space translation

-Wipe Free Space warning translation + a short message to say what is Wipe Free Space (it says "Wipe free space will make all already erased files unrecoverable").

-Disk to wipe free space translation

-/AUTO /SHUTDOWN information translation


But the /LOG information isn't showing...


Q : Why should developpers & french people use this ?

A : Because it's better :P .

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May I add other suggestions for the french translation (CCLeaner v2.17.853) ?

Sorry for the rather long post, but I wanted it to be clear & straighforward for the translation team.


* "Cleaner" section :

Replace.: "Analyse" (button)

By......: "Analyser"

Note....: More consistent



Replace.: "Lancer le nettoyage" (button)

By......: "Nettoyer"

* "Registry" section :

Replace.: "DLLs Partag?es Inexistantes" (option)

By......: "DLL partag?es inexistantes"



Replace.: "Arrangement du Menu D?marrer"

By......: "Arrangement du menu D?marrer"

Note....: In french, all "useless" uppercased initials should be removed (in all the other option item/button/window titles as well). The exception : begining of a sentence, family names and -here- software option items (as shown in the system menus, options, ...)



Replace.: "ActiveX et Class Invalides" (option)

By......: "ActiveX et classes incorrectes"



Replace.: "Type de librairies" (option & other)

By......: "Type de biblioth?que"

Note....: (Faux ami !)



Replace.: "Chercher les erreurs" (button)

By......: "Analyser"



Replace.: "R?parer les erreurs s?lectionn?es" (button)

By......: "R?parer"



Replace.: "Cl? Registre" (field title)

By......: "Cl? de registre"

* "Tools" section :

Replace.: "Sauver le texte..." (button)

By......: "Sauver la liste..."

* "Options" section :

Replace.: "A Propos." (button)

By......: "? propos"

Note....: Even uppercase characters can be accentuated nowadays (and since a long time ago thanks to Extended ASCII).

* "Options/Include" :

Replace.: "Personnaliser" (Section title)

By......: "Inclusion"

* "Options/Exclude" :

Replace.: "Exclure" (Section title)

By......: "Exclusion"

* "Options/Include", "Options/Exclude" sections :

Replace.: "Editer" (button)

By......: "?diter"

Note....: Same as above - even uppercase characters are ought to be accentuated in french (according to the Imprimerie Nationale for what I've been told).


For the new "Wipe Free Space" option, I would suggest "Vider l'espace disponible" (variant "Vidage de l'espace disponible").


Aethec's notes apparently still apply for the latest available version.


If this can help.

Have a nice day !

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it's great




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Other possible corrections (Ccleaner 2.20.920) :



Cleaner section :

- "Adresses tap?es r?cemment" => "Adresses saisies r?cemment"

- "Raccourcis du bureau" => "Raccourcis du Bureau"


Tools section :

Tools/Uninstall :

- "D?siinstallation" => "D?sinstallation"

- "Select a program from the list you want to remove from your computer" => "S?lectionner un programme ? supprimer de l'ordinateur"


Tools/System Restoration :

- "Manage all your System Restore points (The lastest one is disabled for system safety)" => "Contr?lez tous vos points de restauration du syst?me (le dernier est 'bloqu?' pour la s?curit? du syst?me)"


Options section :

Options/About :

- "/AUTO /SHUTDOWN - Nettoie et arr?te ensuite l'ordinateur" => "/AUTO /SHUTDOWN - Nettoyer et arr?ter ensuite l'ordinateur"


Options/Cookies :

- "Select the cookies you want to keep (This include cookies from all Internet browsers and Flash plugins)" =>

"S?lectionner les cookies que vous voulez conserver (Ceci comprend les cookies de tous les navigateurs Internet et plugins Flash)"


That's all !

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wow so useful thanks man







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great post guys thanks a lot





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