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The other thing I absolutely love about Firefox...


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besides all of the extensions, is the ability to customize and/or tweak via about:config or chrome user. I'm reminded today of the numerous times I've taken advantage of these features as I disabled the "Awesome Bar", which I never, never, ever take advantage of (use). Could you ever imagine changing the height of the Menu, Address and Tab bars, as I have via Chrome User, in another browser? They just built this thing so the individual can customize it to their liking!

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To be honest, I'm not sure why I like Firefox over Opera, IE, Chrome or, even, w3m. I've tried the others, but I couldn't get into it. I came over cos it's open-source, I stayed cos of the extensions. Extensions (widgets) in Opera don't just feel right to me.

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firefox is a part of my online relationship. FF is like no other browser ive tried. you can argue about opera and chrome being the best, but in my experience, FF beats em all. the addons ..i cant live without them.

From my prespective, winvista club is a very good forum for all things windows related.
They have helped me and many others in the past. Excellent hints and advice!

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