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constantly reoccuring registry entries ?

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I have CCleaner installed on my PC running WinXP Pro MCE 2005 SP2 ,and I have CCleaner installed and use it often . My ? is about a few registry entires that are reoccuring in the list of those to be removed ,they are related to the following files > dwusplay.exe ,dwusplay.dll and isusweb.dll ? Now I have within my media center the ability to watch live TV on my PC via an ATI TV Tuner PCI card called the ATI TV Wonder Elite . I installed this card after I purchased the Dell XPS400 2.8 GHz Dual Core 3 GB DDR 5300PC RAM, 250 G.B. internial H.D. ,320G.B. Externial H.D. USB ! I decided after installing the TV Tuner card to use the WinXP MCE to watch TV with the card instead of ATI's own software due to many complaints of the software being very buggy. I believe these files that reoccure in CCleaner are related to the Guide Plus TV Guide within the Media Center Edition ? Also when doing an online search of these files I recieve the Macrovision system being listed as somehow being part of this ? Anyone familar with these files and the Macrovision product and should I or not,delete these entries or leave them intact . Deleting them seems reduntant since they seem to reappear again and again anyway ?

Thanks ,Nic

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