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Router disconnects randomly.


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Alright, so I haven't posted here in a while, but recently I have had this extremely annoying problem with my router. I have SBC Yahoo DSL, which I believe is the same as AT&T. Anyway, my router model is a 2Wire 1500HG. Lately, my Broadband light will go out, then start up maybe a minute or so later. This just started happening, I've never had it happen before. The best i can do, is check the logs of my router and see what the deal is. This is what I came up with..


Type/Date and Time/Event Description


INF-2009/01/20 19:24:01 CST-sys: dsl0: connection lost, reconnecting...

INF-2009/01/20 19:24:11 CST-sys: ppp0: connection lost, reconnecting...

INF-2009/01/20 19:24:11 CST-sys: dnstest0: connection lost, reconnecting...

INF-2009/01/20 19:25:19 CST-sys: ppp0: Up with ipv4 service on pppoe0

INF-2009/01/20 19:25:20 CST-sys: ipnet0: Up on ppp0 with

INF-2009/01/20 19:25:20 CST-sys: DNS up DNS1:, DNS2:


I checked all of the filters for the phones, and they are all working.


I have no clue what the deal is.



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How close to the main entry point is the modem?


How far are you from the phone company's Central Office?


I would contact their technical support as this could be a local loop problem especially with this cold damp weather.

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