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.REG is where?

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I ran CCleaner for the first time tonight and want to restore what I deleted but I can't because I can't find the .reg file that it says is saved to my documents file, but it isn't. Any ideas where I can look? I made a mistake and should have been more careful, have deleted a few things I wish I hadn't, and can't even get system restore to work now.


Thanks for any help.



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Hello ChrisR, and welcome to the forum.


You could do a search for *.reg*


This should find any Type: Registration Entries files on your computer.



Thank you very much. I hadn't a clue where to start, not very good at computers. As long as they work when I switch on I'm happy.


Chris x

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An easy place to store them is in My Documents, just make a CCleaner Registry Undo folder in there and they'll stay put and you'll know exactly where they're located. Plus CCleaner will remember that's your preferred undo folder and automagically ask to save them in there.

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