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Cleaner ICON remains after cleaning


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This is not a problem as CCleaner seems to work just fine.....more of an observation.

I'm operating with Win XP Home/ SP3.


I have noticed this issue with several versions of CCleaner.

I've been running CCleaner for few years, currently using v215.815


Upon Start Up, or whenever Re-booting the 'CCleaner ICON' appears in the notification tray as it should.

However once CCleaner has completed it's process the ICON remains visible in the tray notification area.

It will remain there forever, however if I move the mouse pointer over the ICON it vanishes.

I don't have to click on the mouse, just slide the pointer over the ICON and poof it's gone.


On the other hand if I RUN or OPEN CCleaner at anytime after the computer is up and running the

ICON appears, flashes while the program is doing it's job and then disappears upon completion.

I presume this to be normal. Why the ICON remains only after Start Up or Re-boot is a puzzler.

If this subject has been discussed previously I appologize, this is my first posting in years.


meandor :blink:

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