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Backup Suggestion


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Every time I backup the deleted registry entries, I have to start from my desktop and click through my HD tree to get to the location of my backup directory. Any possibility of adding a sticky location feature to speed things up?


Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but a quick search on "backup" did not yield an answer for me.



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you can either save the backup in easily access folder... or create a shortcut to that folder... you might also want to try pinning the folder to the start menu if you are using Windows XP(drag the folder to the 'Start' button and release it on the left panel...)


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Although I don't utilize the registry backup feature of CCleaner since I find it unnecessary due to the safeness of CCleaner, I can see how people would may need it as a margin of safety even though I don't see any perceivable danger. However for "paranoid" users it would be nice if CCleaner would manage the backups itself (sort of like other tools with registry cleaners) where you could make the backup, look at the backup, and restore the backup all within the application.

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