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Hello All.


I am using Nod 32 and was wondering how to go about deleting the "all" of the log files contained within the program.


Currently CCleaner does not have a "winapp2.ini" for this task, at least not one that I could locate.


Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated



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If the location is unknown it will be difficult to zap.


If it is known, it may be unwise to zap.


Anti-virus protection software can be protective of its family jewels.

It might have write protected its files.

If CCleaner tries to delete, it might be considered the enemy, and be quarantined or worse.


If you are lucky - you could be very UN-lucky,

because if ESET looks in its log to see if it has the latest virus signature,

a missing log might cause it to repeatedly re-load what it has already loaded,

and ESET servers monitor this sort of thing and assume you have shared your registration key,

so you all get classed as pirates and service is discontinued.


If you decide to risk it, please advise us of the results.

I will be interested, but I doubt this penguin will jump of the cliff and into the sea ! !




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Perhaps you could ask for guidence about this query at the Nod32 forum over on Wilders




I think there is an option somewhere to set a log size limit, but they should be able to help you with that.


Let us know how you get on. :)

CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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I wouldn't even worry about the logs Bud. They take hardly any space and can be invaluable if you get infected. Good on you for using Nod, it's an awesome antivirus, and my choice too. :)

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