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Uninstall Menu questions


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Hi all, a new user here...


Looking at the Cleaner "Tools > Uninstall" Menu - does this mean that all these programs will be uninstalled, or just the "useless" files associated with them. I'm scared to run the "Uninstaller" in case all those programs vanish and the dialog boxes aren't clear just what is being removed.


Same thing with the Cleaner > Applications tab. Just what is being cleaned?


Thanks in advance!

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Hello StudioGal,

Welcome to the forums !!! :)

You are correct and a wise PC user. Never Delete or Uninstall anything that you do not understand.

It is easier to ask than try to recover something. :P

CCleaner - Advice for New Members

NEW DOCUMENTATION SOURCE as of January 07,2009

Piriform Documentation - Bookmark and save to Favorites



Start here with this link and follow its advice.


Also see this link about the Registry and Registry Backups.


Good luck, :) davey

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