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Optomizing With Defraggler

The Don

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Today for the first time I decided to use defraggler for optimazation by putting all large files larger than 50 MB at end of disk since I have alot of movie files.

So doing so the large files successfully were put at end of disk though after the job was finished I had alot of free space in between blocks so I than had to defrag all free space and than defrag files after analyzing drive. Is this normal to have to do all these steps.

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Hello The Don,

I will concur with the result that I experienced in the prior version.

It however was what I wanted and expected it to do. I just wanted these types of large files put at the end of the disk without having to do a "whole disk" defrag. I wanted the prior space made available for additional files. I was not concerned with creating a few defragmented files in the process or moving all the rest of the files toward the outside of the disk at that time.

I do mainly "file list" defragmenting. To do what I did, if I recall properly, I set the Move large options on the Defrag tab and then selected Action > Advanced > Defrag Freespace (allow fragmentation). The files were moved all the way to the inside end of the disk. However, the next time I tested a "whole disk" defragmentation the large files were moved directly behind the end of the other files. Too bad that the large files were not kept at the inside end of the disk until I turn off the Move large files option.

I have not had a chance to do any such testing with the current version of Defraggler v1.06 .

Best wishes, :) davey

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