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Incorrect Function: SD Drive


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Since about 2 or 3 revisions ago the deep scan does not work regardless of filter chosen; pics, vids, *.*. When running through the process everything "appears" to run normal, however, upon completion I get the message "Incorrect Function" and there are no files to "recuva". I have only run Recuva on various SD cards but not the hard drive unless inadvertently since it automatically switches to the "c:/drive" after a run.


I did discover later that if I turn off the deep scan the files appear as expected.

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Tried recovering pic files from 2gb SD card with no success. Card is shown as 1gb and zero files. I have recently used this card in camera and no there are deleted files there.


If I try a deep scan files are found during scan but on completion Incorrect Function is displayed and no files are displayed.


On a normal scan with recover files from damaged disc current files are found.



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