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Secure Delete All?

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Can or should Recuva be used to secure delete everything it finds in one action?


I Scan OS (C:) Drive. (View mode > Thumbnails view)


Right - click > Highlight Folder > C:\ ( All files are highlighted)


Right - click > Secure Delete Highlighted


I then get the following: Secure delete message.


Are you sure you want to delete these 3247 file(s)?

Clicking Yes will mean they are gone forever.


This would be handy if you deleted something and then wanted to secure delete it.


You wouldn't have to look for it in the results.


Good idea or bad?

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I did the same thing prior to some of the new menus. I used The Secure Delete Checked option versus Highlighted and it works also.

If I remember correctly Recuva did a 1 pass "secure delete" approximately 40,000 files. It took only around 35-40 minutes.

I only do any Recuva "secure delete" now for testing purposes only.

I have also used Recuva to recover deleted pictures.

I have not used the "Deep Scan" feature yet.

The above actions if done every now and then would make it easier to find something "accidentally deleted" since the last time it was done.

I think it is good every now and then. How often depends on how often you "accidentally delete" things. :lol:

:) davey

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A user could secure delete all files that have been deleted using the normal file deletion method.


Good to know.

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