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CCleaner and Windows 7


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This may be a bit pemature but with the Windows 7 public beta just expected this month, has anyone given any thought to how CCleaner will integrate with the new user interface in this operating system.


At the PDC Microsoft described how applications would be hidden from the system tray by default and instead, they were suggesting that applications were designed to run from the task bar instead.


I was wondering how this would affect the "run from system tray" option in CCleaner because now it would be hidden by default.


An interesting feature was demonstrated which allows the progress of a process (e.g. copy and paste) to be overlayed on the task bar icon as seen here on this Microsoft site (it's the 3rd icon in with the transparent green rectangle over it).


When Windows 7 comes around this is something that CCleaner could probably utilise. It would allow the scan to be minimised with real time progress shown in the taskbar icon. Perhaps the "run from system tray" would become defunct...


Any thoughts?

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I'll just add that I upgraded a system from XP to 7...and CCleaner continues to work great!


Here's a screenshot:



CCleaner's registry tool removes many shortcuts from the start menu in Windows 7 from the maintenance and system tools folders and others also. I tried CCleaner on a clean install and ended up with that, and was also unable to run windows defrag there after. Even from its exe, i guess CCleaner screwed the registry for some of the progs in Windows 7.

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I too upgraded a system from XP to Windows 7.


I'm yet to be convinced that CCleaners installer or cleanup works 'great', primarily due to the permissions changes within the Windows Registry and the drastic changes made to the hard/soft link 'shortcuts' in Win7.


post-26058-1232373983_thumb.jpgYes, I've chosen to reinstate Quick Launch ^^.


To install CCleaner to run or open from the Recycle bin or to ensure that it cleans the IE temporary internet files, see my post in http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=19839


We must all remember that Win7 is still in Beta and there may be many changes before it goes on full release.


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