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Firefox 3 Installation Question

Tom AZ

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My FF2 seems to be working just fine -- are there any real compelling reasons to upgrade to FF3?


Also, have most of your extensions been functional after the upgrade?

The reason to bite the bullet and update is because after was released the what's new page clearly stated it was the end of life for v2, and Mozilla recommended updating to v3. The reason for me upgrading is because an old no longer updated browser will eventually have exploits, and that isn't something to take lightly at all security-wise. I couldn't use previous v3 installations (even clean installs) due to crashes however 3.0.5 has been rock solid and hasn't crashed once.


The only thing that didn't work in v3 for me was the theme Winstripe so I uninstalled the theme. Everything else worked fine though however I only use four add-ons that being Dr.Web Antivirus Link Checker, SiteAdvisor 26.6, AdBlock Plus 1.0, and Adblock Plus Element Hiding Helper 1.0.5.

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