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Better search criteria

Reed Copsey

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I would like to request that you add two related features:


1) The ability to restrict the search by filename and/or user entered suffix.


2) The ability to search the found file list


For background I was looking for some AutoCAD .dwg files. The deleted drive had 109,000 files found. Finding these files is nearly impossible with the current release.

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You can filter the scan on any aspect of the file or path name, so you could show only .dwg files for instance. Use the file/pathname box. A full search is still done so you can try various filters after scanning.


You can use the filter to search the file list, albeit rather cumbersomely.


You can also sort the scan in file state order, so that the good, bad and ugly can be ordered. This can be done on a filtered subset.


That leaves time of deletion. I believe that this can only be done on securely deleted files, as it doesn't appear that deleting a file necessarily counts as modifying or accessing it. Whatever deletes the file would have to somehow update the modified/accessed flag, and that wouldn't happen for all delete methods.

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