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Idea to Add Option to Cleaning

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Probably one of the finest and unique features of CCleaner is the winapp2.ini, allowing the user to customize their file and registry cleaning beyond the 'standard.'


Here is an idea to expand on this concept:


How about a 'winapp3.ini' file that would be run only at system startup? I, for one, run CCleaner several times per day - just to 'clean house.' However, there are a few files that I would like to keep for daily use, but would like to securely delete at system startup each day - usually because these are the files that just keep growing and growing with system use. The idea would be to have CCleaner use the winapp2.ini file as it does now for normal cleaning (and startup) and a separate file, IF DESIRED AND IN ADDITION to winapp2.ini at boot time. This new file (winapp3.ini?), for advanced users, could contain only those file and registry entries that the user wants deleted at bootup.


Thanks for listening...

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