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Hi Comrades,


I am trying to run Microsoft AntiSpyware through a script, and using comman line switches to do the operation. I am using -scan, -withui and -withresultsui switches. The scan runs fine; however, I am not able to generate any kind of 'log file' for this process.


When you run the tool through the GUI, it provides a complete list of spyware the tool finds, and provides the options for deleting or quarantining the files on thw GUI. However, when I run the tool through the script, even if the tool detects any spyware, it just momentarily displays it in the display window and does not automatically clean it. Is there a switch that I can use which will either clean or quarantine the spyware found? Please help.


Moreover, I have observed that Microsoft AntiSpyware detects some applications as spyware even though they are legitimate. What have been your experiences on this? Any suggestions/feedback?



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