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Must ignore some irrelevant files please


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I really like the idea of selective defrag - thanks for such a lovely freeware - it makes a great companion for CCleaner/Recuva on my flash drive :)


However, when trying to select files I'm lost in a huge list of irrelevant files from System Restore (i.e. "C:\System Volume Cache\...") and some temp folders and cache of all my installed browsers... :(


I was quite surprised not to see any filtering option for this - it seems natural. If you think it's not worth the underlying programming, then please add a simple option in the settings to skip such folders from ever being analyzed in the first place - it'll be much quicker for the analyzing program & the selecting user :)


Besides, I've noticed a strange bug in the files screen: the checkboxes seems to be cut in the middle, only the left portion is clickable. I though you'd be using a common UI for your programs, because I don't have this weird problem with CCleaner for example, which also thanks to its common UI which it shares with Recuva, told me this maybe-important detail for debug: my graphics adapter is Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family.


Thank you!

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