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CCleaner and Iolo Antivirus


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I have accidentally discovered CCleaner removes registry entries required by Iolo System Mechanic Pro to work normally. More specifically Iolo Antivirus can not start automatically when booting up and you are presented with error messages when you try to start the program manually and enable realtime protection.


I have Iolo System Mechanic Pro installed on several PCs and have had this same issue on one PC for quite some time. It wasn't until I ran CCleaner on my laptop today and started receiving the same error that I realized CCleaner removed registry files required by Iolo System Mechanic Pro.


I always save a backup copy of the registry files deleted by CCleaner. I restored the deleted registry files in order to fix the problem. Now I need help determining exactly which registry files deleted by CCleaner need to remain in the registry for Iolo System Mechanic Pro to work normally.

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You can input exclusions into CCleaner by clicking Options->Exclude. You'll however have to know the exact keys to exclude, however I suppose you could exclude the whole main Iolo registry location and hopefully that would work. Wouldn't hurt to also exclude the whole Iolo program folder where it's installed, and any Application Data folders it has too as a precaution.

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i had the exact same problem - after running a registry clean with CCleaner, iOlo Antivirus won't run. Restoring the registry fixes the problem, but then I'm left with an uncleaned registry.

Can someone please let me know which registry keys to exclude?


Better yet, please update CCleaner to correct this issue.

I just recommended CCleaner to a friend, but he uses iOlo System Mechanic with the antivirus program and now I have to warn him that CCleaner may mess it up :(

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i have found the reg key that affects iOlo Antivirus




(it is listed in the Obsolete Software of CCleaner registry scan)


its probably bad naming practice on iOlo's part, but it should be excluded in CCleaner nevertheless so others don't have a problem

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