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I'm afraid to shut my computer down....


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Here's the story: I was using CCleaner yesterday, and it was taking a really long time (See "progress bar never ends" thread in the bug reporting forum) . I finally canceled the analyzation, then unchecked "Internet Explorer>Temporary files" and ran it again and it was finished in less than 4 minutes. I cleaned that up (I also ran a quick "issues" check), then I checked "Temp files" again and ran the analyzation again. I turned off my other programs to let the analyzer run by itself (I had hoped it would take less time because of that). I also turned the screen off because I wasn't using the computer and I didn't want to waste the energy.


So then my brother comes up to the computer thinking it's turned off. (How could he not notice the power button was lit up?! UGHHH) So he hits the power button, and it "Won't go on" apparently for him (All he had to do was turn on the monitor...UGHH) so instead of turning on the monitor and turning it off like it should be done, while closing CCleaner, he hold's the power button down and turns it off manually! Thus immediately shutting down all prgrams without saving any new data taht was already saved. I don't know if hte CCleaner was still running or it had finished analyzing, but something happened....


So I turn the computer on later that night ( I didn't know at the time how he shut it off), and it's going kind of slow as usual (Why do you think I got CCleaner? :P ) and the only real noticable difference I see is tht the desktop icons load faster. So I go about my "computing"(Not sure how else to put it :P ) as usual, but programs are freezing up and my computer almost at total stand still.


Over an hour and a half later (and a few restarts), I'm fed up with this crap and shut down my computer correctly, then I start it again and go to sleep, in the hopes that everything would load by themselves overnight and it wouldn't freeze up on itself when I woke up.


My theory proved to be correct for the most part. I tried using the computer, it told me it had errors as if I had no internet connection (Like "AIM service cannot be reached") so after fiddling around with the firewall settings (Turning them from on to off back to on :P ) my internet FINALLY starts working and now the computer is running just as I expected it to last night when I booted up: Faster than before.


Of course, now you can see why I don't want to turn my computer off, because something like this could happen again. What do you guys think? Was it just all of the programs reloading themselves onto my computer at the same time because I had wiped the useless crap off, or what?

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Run ScanDisk or ChkDsk, depending upon what OS you have. This should take care of disk errors. If you're using WinXP you can change the behaviour of the power button so that it doesn't cause a bad shutdown.

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