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Defraggler hung on Windows Server 2003

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Hello Ztruker,

Welcome to the forums !!!

Glad to have you aboard. :P

I see that you are a very satisfied Defraggler user. So am I. I have not had a problem with any version of Defraggler and I have been using it for over 1 year. Like you I have used it WinXP Pro and Home editions.

The situation depends on the user and his setup etc. We have many happy 2000 Server and 2003 Server users.

The user that had this problem can only be helped at the time of the problem. However in his case, the system crashed and he did not want to risk using Defraggler again. The problem may or may not have been caused directly by Defraggler.

He probably should just use Dfrgntfs.exe and be happy with the results. The problem that occurred for him has made him "gun shy" and you can not blame him. Defraggler could be run again in Debug mode but I am sure that he would not want to try it.

Best wishes,

:) davey

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Not gunshy at all it seems. He said he will try it again. He also posted this:

I have a Trojan.Vundo.H that I have no idea where it came from, and it wont go away.


which could be the cause of this problem. He' said he would try Defraggler agan since he's about ready to format and reinstall anyway. Thanks for the quick response.

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MBAM is good at getting rid of Vundo.


Download MBAM then update it then run a Quick scan and let it remove what it detects and a reboot may be required to remove locked files:



For a small fee you can get resident protection and life-time upgrades.

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