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How Do I Send You Brits American Money?


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Hello, I wanted to donate for using your product, but the GBP threw me. Will Paypal automatically turn my dollars into GBP? Is there some great big charge from Paypal for this?


Thank you very much. I thought you were using Euros now?


Snowie :blink:

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Off subject slightly but I do not think the UK will ever go the Euro because a countries currency it a part of a countries identity and unlike most of Europe I and most of my fellow British people are not willing to give up our identity for a bunch of up tight trying to compete with the US French :D. The one strong argument to go the Euro was that with one currency the Euro countries would all grow economically. Hmm someone should tell them French, Germans etc that Britain has had and continues to have the strongest major market in Europe and one of the strongest in the would :P while German & France continue to barley grow :lol: .

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Thank you, I will now go donate. I was just worried that the dollars would be useless to ye British. I would be glad to send real dollars to a physical addy if you want the thrill of handling REAL AMERICAN MONEY. :D

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