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Vista Ultimate X64 - Crashes with 1.12.373


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I have tried this once and it took just over 28 hours to scan a 1 TB drive that Vista deleted with a quick format. The program said it had found about 95% of the files, but the speeds were decreasing as it went, so I went to bed. When I woke up Recuva had crashed, wasting all that time. I assumed that it was a power fluctuation or something, but after browsing here, I am not so sure.


I have scanned the drive and there are no bad sectors (it is a WD). I have been running a second scan for 12 hours now and will report back if it does it again. Are the logs supposed to be written to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Recuva directory or is there supposed to be an AppData recuva directory (because I do not have the latter, and I have no logs)?


Edit - The updater just ran. I have kept my network connection disabled since I am running with a bare copy of Vista (no AV/software firewall).

This might be causing the crashes, I turned the updater to manual. Will report back later.


Edit #2 - Recuva crashed after only 45% this time. A friend suggest R-Studio and it works. Not only that but it only takes a few hours to scan even a 1TB drive. Too bad, since I consider CCleaner essential. I was hoping that this would be just as good considering all the versions that have been released.



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