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The exception Floating-Point inexact result.


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First off great program, I?ve used it for several and it?s worked flawlessly, although just starting today it appears not want to work.


After running it and pressing "Analyze" it gets about half way to being complete and then crashes.


"CCleaner has encountered a problem and needs to close."


If you click don't send on the error message you then see a message box


"The exception Floating-Point inexact result.


(0x000008f) occurred in the application at location 0x7c81eb33.


Click on OK to terminate the program"


And then it closes, I?ve tried re-installing CCleaner, rebooting, cleaning most of the files CCleaner removes manually to see if it was a problem with a specific file and I haven?t installed any different programs/updates since it last worked.


Running on XP Pro, SP2.


Edit: After clearing cookies it doesn't happen any more.

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Hi all,I'm new to this forum,however not new to using this program.

I had the exact same error message and error number as Jason. I am replying to this post because I did a search for the error number and this was the only thing that came up. Sorry if this has been answered already.

The only difference I'm having with this program closing is the time when it does. It scans and removes and works just fine until I hit the "tools" option. Any ideas? I've re-downloaded twice and still the same.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone might give.

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Hi all :)

I have exactly the same problem (but in french :D )

I've updated CCleaner today, but it didn't change anything...

It ocurrs when I try to clean files, or when I clic on that button :




You'll notice that all of the cleaning options are unchecked...


Please help ! ^^

(clearing cookies didn't change anything :( )


I joined microsoft's error report to the post, if this can help...



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