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Dog saves injured dog


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It's already been removed.



Yeah... :blink: I see it's been removed.

Err... did I do something wrong by putting a link to that YouTube video in my post?

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I watched the video from your link Craig so I am wondering if You Tube actually took it out?

Hi Hazel ;)

There are a few video's of the same video on YouTube, uploaded by different (account-members)

I just selected "copied" the first video's "ULR" and pasted it in my post here.

I'm an (account-member) of YouTube, so I thought that I could at least paste a "URL" link to a "video", on a forum like (Piriform Forums) :blink:

I've been reading, :huh: and trying to "decipher" YouTube's (Terms of Use) :wacko:

I'm still wondering if I've done something wrong?

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