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Support PTP - for digital cameras


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There are basically three types of protocols for digital camera's, either it's USB mass storage (which is automatically supported by Recuva, since it's a drive like any other), there's proprietary protocols (which can't be supported easily and are becoming rare anyway), and there's PTP, which is open and widely used.


It would be very, very cool if this was supported, since it would enable the recovery of pictures (and any other files, of course) on a wide range of digital cameras.


Right now, to recover pictures, I need to use gphotofs to mount the camera under GNU/Linux and then use some other - probably inferior - recovery software... Though I could try to create an image from the mounted disk, get that on a Windows machine, mount it with something like daemontools and then use Recuva, it would much easier if Recuva supported this... Possibly support for the protocol wouldn't have to be completely written, but something like libptp or maybe code from gphoto could be reused.


Any chance of Recuva supporting this in the future? (Though I personally think both GNU/Linux and Windows should simply present PTP-camera's like a USB mass storage device to the end user, i.e. by mapping a drive (D:\ or /dev/sdX0) to it, which would automatically enable Recuva (and many other apps) to work with them.)


Either way, thanks for creating Recuva, it's an extremely useful and very userfriendly tool!

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