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Vista Home Prem 32Bit TEMP Files


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C:\users\(User Name)\AppaData\Local\Temp..... I noticed this folder has files in it that are many months old. I posted in the Vista Microsoft forum the topic what these files were and if they could be deleted. The result was being referred to this link.




The link clearly explains that it is safe to delete files in this folder...as long as no installs are taking place. It also indicates CCleaner will clean the files in this folder. I am running CCleaner 2.13 (any many versions prior to that)...and this Folder is not being touched by CCleaner.



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Is your user account an Admin account? If you use Windows Disk Cleanup does it clean the files from that folder?



Yes....I am Administrator. If you mean Windows Disk Cleanup....right click Drive C:\....Properities......Disk Clean.... I have run that many times, it does not remove files form this folder

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