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'Veiws' change in windows explorer

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:( ...I have CCleaner set to run at startup - it does a pretty good job but HD Valet finds more after it's done and Norton finds more yet

But thats not the SERIOUS problem...every time CCleaner runs it changes the settings in windows explorer RE how I want to view files inside a folder: it changes back to icons from the 'List' view I prefer ... what setting can I use so this does not happen and would you please address this in your next update?



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i ***think*** it is most likely under the "Windows Explorer" section in the Windows tab. Uncheck the "Other Explorer MRUs". If that doesnt fix your problem post back here.


If anyone can correct me, please do. But i am pretty sure. It wont help to try it either.


Also are you sure it is CCleaner?? are you sure it is not hd valet? run just CCleaner and see if your problem is still there.



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