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Can Someone Please Explain the Various Defrag Options?


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I'm sure this has been covered before in various places, but I haven't been able to find it in the forum or in the help section of the program (where I think it should be!).


Can someone please spell out the difference between:

- Defrag Files

- Defrag Drive

- Defrag Freespace

- Defrag Freespace (allow fragmentation)


What are the pros and cons of each function? Why would a user run each one (the merits of Defrag Files are pretty well known, but what about the other functions)?


And when I schedule defragmentation (thank you, Piriform, for this feature), which of the above options is the program launching?



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How's that coming?

Hi Raheem,

Shame on you !!! :lol:

Every now and then, for a Piriform update, just drop by the Announcements forum.

You are going to like this one.


Hooray !!! :P

:) davey

P.S. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning.

There are some items that are still not fully explained but I think I have noticed changes already.

Just keep checking the new site and you will notice also. :Pdocs.piriform.com

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