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List of advance browser


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NOTE! The list are made for Windows only so some of the browser from other OS might not be listed.


List of recommended browser:


1. Opera 9 - Home Page - Features - Download - recommended


2. Safari - Home Page&Features - Download


3. Internet Explorer 7 - Home Page - Features - Download - recommended


4. Google Chrome - Home Page&Download - Features


5. Lunascape5 Alpha - Home Page - Features - Download


Other Browsers:


1. Firefox 3 - Home Page - Features - Download


2. SeaMonkey - Home Page - Features - Download


3. Sleipnir - Home Page - Features & Support - Download


4. Maxthon - Home Page - Features - Download


5. Avant Browser - Home Page & Features - Download


6. K-Meleon - Home Page - Features - Download



Some link may take time to load.


Browser Suggestions:

- Internet Explorer with IEPro [Add-on] is recommended

- If you use Firefox then get NoScript & Adblock [both are add-ons] too

- Opera browser need a few tweak and customize to be better, they can be found here

- Please note that:

*Lunascape5 are in alpha

- Avant adds alot registry on install, please be aware



1. Go to source for more!

2. Me

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So wrong on so many levels.

I couldn't agree more.


Bit of a dull point to list everything wrong with that list, so I'll leave my comments at that as searching for reputable browser information will turn up many valid sources.

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Depending on the situation and system, I'm inclined to disagree with the choices deemed as unacceptable.


For example :


Dillo, when I'm on a low-grade system, is -very- useful and -very- quick when I need to search something up. Nothing I'd use for day-to-day browsing, but, that is not the point.


Lynx, and the unmentioned w3m (but still belongs in the category as both are text browsers), this is said : "In my opinion text only browsing is a complete waste of time with modern web pages." This is untrue. When I'm compiling a distro of Linux on my computer (for example, I recently installed Arch Linux on my laptop) and it doesn't come pre-configured for an X system, during the building, upgrading, and installing, I open up a second terminal, and search the web using w3m or lynx. Very useful, but, I guess, not often used as a day-to-day browser ('cept for jokes I've heard of Stallman only using Lynx. :lol: )


I can't say I agree with the author when he says, "Internet Explorer 7 maintains the most webpage compatibility of any browser, the only reason I can find this true is because most websites block off users of Firefox, Opera, et cetera. (For example, a company my father works for, a gambling site for a horse track near Toronto, the website is IE7 only, but, if one uses the addon that changes your user-agent, it will let you go through. The only cockblock I could think of, (pardon the terminology), is ActiveX control. ( http://mxr.mozilla.org/seamonkey/source/em...vex/src/plugin/ looks like something could be made of it with a little spare time )


But, that's just my opinion. I'm a little biased as I'm one of those firefox fanboys. :)

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While I don't agree with much of that list, I do agree with the top spot. I don't have much experience with Safari or Chrome, but after using Firefox and IE for many years, Opera now beats them out by a wide margin. The "browser wars" will go on forever though. ;)

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