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Add new programs automatically to winapp2.ini


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Ok we all read it the big disclaimer but obviously support was added to CCleaner so it reads this file so officially or non officially it recognises the file and the rest is as they say water under the bridge. I have done similar work where it ended up being included as default features though on commercial software after it was proved it worked. I think this as proved it works




That works very very well indeed though Im not sure its been updated with all the programs it actually supports.


As a nobody I stand back and look at this potential and how it could bring about under one single supported solution automatically adding on of additional programs via wizard driven following those guidelines. surely this is obvious...


Now as all the risks start flying in and why this was done yet there it is use it at own risk makes me think even more are we all not already taking some risks by using any piece of software? Does CCleaner already while instalation TOS or TOC or whatever you wanna call it disclaim about all this nonsense in same/similar way? I think it does...


Guys/Girls/and all other in between I joined this forum after reading it for about two months I used the program and use it in comparisonm to the retail programs just to wipe there smug faces what opensource can offer though in some instances CCleaner as been beaten in the tem file cleaner amount and yet all this potential and forgive the term but what's up with the tip toeying around like a freaking balerina?


PC's & major failure of technology is attributed to a phenomenom called PEBKAC Problem exists between keyboard and chair.
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