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New Windows name has the soft, visionary, and global feel befitting a company looking to upgrade its international image.

July 22, 2005


After a string of numbers and acronyms, Microsoft is expected to announce on Friday the next version of its franchise operating system will adopt a name with an international flavor: Windows Vista.


The Redmond software giant did its best to keep the new name under wraps, but a recent tendency among its executives to inadvertently blurt out company secrets affected another executive.


According to a number of reports, an executive either inadvertently unveiled the name at a company sales event held Thursday in Atlanta, or he deliberately gave out the name hoping the sales staff could keep the secret for 24 hours.


Until now Microsoft has stuck with names that either took the name of the year in which it was finally delivered such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows 2000, or in the case of Windows NT, took the name inspired by the company?s engineering division.


According to the American Heritage College Dictionary, ?vista? is a ?distant view or prospect, especially one seen through an opening,? like a window perhaps. In both Spanish and Italian, it means ?sight.?


Vista seems like an excellent choice for a company that is international in its reach and lately has been trying to prop up its Windows business in a number of countries where English is not the native tongue


Vista? Im not sure I like that.

Fully integrated DRM, that's just what we needed Microsoft!


You can read the full story here.


Windows Vista Homepage.

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